Instructor: Nigel Sielegar

To Design in Temporal Context

The challenge was to experiment with medias that are affected by time, to defy the conventional notion that graphic design is a constant replication of flat surfaces. Often time, graphic design can be designed to incorporate a certain degree of interactivity and/or transformation that is affected by time, while still maintaining the main function as a communication tool.

Each day, more than 3,200 people under 18 smoke their first cigarette, and approximately 2,100 youth and young adults become daily smokers. My idea was an ashtray that could create, with smoke, a message for the smoker to see after they put out their cigarettes. Something profoundly captivating.

Photo by @leourossov

Photo by @leourossov


These are some of the results of the printer experience. They were all brought to you only by cigarette related chemicals. The message reads "This is how you die".