the full Process

Instructor: Nigel Sielegar

It was upon us to decide which product we would work on for the entirety of the semester of Communication Graphic Design class. My choice was a stick of mozzarella cheese.
I was asked to sell the raw version of my product. 

Stage 1: The Bare Principle

So, in this case, with my raw ingredient being milk I decided to design a brand that focuses on the production and distribution of raw milk. Since, according to the New York State Law, you can only purchase raw milk directly from a local farm, a delivery app was created with the brand identity. The name was Melk, derived from the origins of the verb “to milk”, created by the Dutch centuries ago. It felt appropriate due to the “going back to the origins” feel of this assignment. Raw Milk. Like It’s supposed to be. Every bottle of milk contains milk from one cow at a time, so in the bottle you will have the name of each cow you choose to get milk from.


Stage 2: Process & Transformation

For the second stage, the challenge was to tackle the product as it is: Cheese Sticks. The task was to identify behaviors inherent to interacting with this product. To understand the culture, the age group and how it is consumed. With this in mind I found out parents trust cheese sticks as a snack to give their children from as early as 5 years old and that they can easily eat on their own. It is also known that all children care about is to play games. So i abandoned the stick shape and created the game Cheese Cubes. 


Cheese Cubes is a children game that will help kids have fun while they have their morning or afternoon snacks. As far as rules are concerned, you must spread the Cheese Cubes inside the circle and each player will have a turn to spin the wheel and eat the Cheese Cube they were assigned to eat. There will be Mozzarella and Parmesan Cheese available but also Pont l’Eveque Cheese, one of the most strong flavored and smelly cheeses available in the market, so children will have fun competing over who will have to try the “Bad Cheese Cube”.
If you get the Bad Cheese and have the courage to eat it, you are the Hero of the Day. Number of Players: 2-6. Ages: 4+

Stage 3: Waste Management

The third and last installment of this project was about a crucial issue in today’s product and brand design: Waste Management. And the success of this project is determined by what you create using the rst two projects, Melk and Cheese Cubes, as raw ingredients. To create a solution or a business model that allows the products to have a full life cycle with minimal impact to the environment should be in every designer’s mindset.

In my research, I found out you can create butter by agitating raw milk that turns sour. With this in mind, butter creator was in place. The moment your raw milk turns sour you can place the Melk bottle on top of the Cheese Cubes roulette and spin till it turns into butter.